My new album, SPEAK, is out!

My new album, Speak, is out!  It’s available for pre-order by clicking here or on the album cover below.  Downloads will be available on the official release date of November 1st!


Replete with catchy hooks and conscious lyrics, SPEAK is a lighthearted yet probing parade of social and spiritual commentary, world pop rhythms, and spoken word that will keep you entertained, from the first note to the last. Contemporary and world grooves, mixed with elements of rock, blues, jazz and pop, make the album infectious and upbeat. World-class singers C.C. White, Gaura Vani, and Benjy Wertheimer add extra soul to the songs.

On SPEAK, I make social, economic, political, and spiritual statements that swim against the tide of the us-versus-them mentality that has dominated our national dialogue this year. Yet, the album isn’t heavy—it’s uplifting and inspirational.

These songs are born from a love of musical diversity, movement, poetry and spoken word. We are living in a world that often draws us away from community and the vital remembrance of who we truly are. These songs are meant to rattle our cages and ask us to question some of our deepest assumptions while at the same being musically groovy and uplifting.

“John de Kadt is one of the most innovative drum artist/poets of our time. Speak…is music to rise, move and awaken to.”  -Shiva Rea, international yoga teacher


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