SpiritDance Soulsong: Your Body is a Musical Instrument



Join Daphne accompanied by John on multiple instruments as we enter into the world of soulful connection through song, dance & poetry, tapping into the sources that help to nourish creativity, awareness and connection. This workshop is an especially sweet opportunity for those who are drawn to artistic, transformational and contemplative practices–to glean the jewels from these combined disciplines. We’ll dance the dances and sing the songs that are ready to be lived in each of us. In small movements and huge leaps we’ll unearth the full range of who we are and what we have to offer.  Embrace your body as your unique instrument to express your life fully!  Families, fire dancers and hoopers encouraged! Food, bonfire and storytelling!   7-9:30pm @ Chena River Campground Pavilion (3530 Gerraghy Ave.) Cost $25/adult. children/donation

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