Healing Ayurvedic Retreat to India  

with John de Kadt & Katie O’Connell

February 19 ~ March 11th, 2016

Two and Three Week Options!

View from Yoga Hall 1

This retreat is a true blessing.  In our very chaotic and busy world with what often feels like its unstoppable stresses, taking three weeks for yourself is a true act of self-kindness.  It will allow you to unwind and jump start into a whole new level of health and well-being.

Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being.  It is a deeply powerful yet gentle cleansing process that utilizes deep rest, herbs, body treatments, enemas, steam baths, diet, and specific treatments all catered to the individual’s unique constitution and health concerns.   The extended 2-3 week retreat allows our body to release deeply held toxins and blocks that adversely affect our mind and body, giving ourselves new opportunity to reorganize and heal on a profound level.  This will be a life changing retreat for your body, mind, and spirit.

You will have ongoing Ayurvedic consultation with on-site Ayurvedic doctors, meals to support your treatment plan, and cleansing practices specific to your needs are all facets of this retreat, which will leave you feeling clear, vibrant, and deeply healed.   Your group leaders have designed a retreat experience that includes daily yoga classes with Katie, storytelling and drumming with John, Ayurveda presentations, and lots of free time to walk into the Indian countryside that borders the retreat, investigate the town, or visit local attractions. Nestled beside a lush green tea plantation, eucalyptus forest, nearby waterfalls, and surrounded by the pure Nilgiri Mountain air is what makes the retreat center so special; away from the hustle of the city and surrounded in natural beauty, expect a profound transformation to take place!  There are also many optional excursions to personalize your once in a lifetime trip to India!

Various Dals & lentils

Feel free to email Katie and John if you are interested in this very special retreat! Space will be limited, and you won’t believe the great rates!!  Basic single rooms begin at only $1,819.00 for Mini-Panchakarma (2 weeks) and $2,729.00 for Maha-Panchakarma. Deluxe rooms are available at very reasonable additional rates There are two components of the registration process; first contact either Katie or John so that we can send you our registration form and get to know you a little better!  You can reach John at Johndekadt@gmail.com. or Katie at dragonflyoga@gmail.com for more detailed info. We will then prompt you to register for the retreat with Vandana, the retreat representative who will work with you to choose a room and either the Mini or Maha Panchakarma option.  Katie is working with a travel agent who will offer special rates to all who book via Katie, so please inquire about this opportunity. We are excited to share this amazing journey with you!!! Please note, dates on the brochure will be updated on next printing. 

PK Retreat Brochure Spring 2016 - blue front

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