New Journey

Hello all and welcome to my new website. As I leave the place where I have worked and done acupuncture and herbal medicine for 13 1/2 years I breath into new possibilities. While this feels a little scary to jump off a cliff into doing music more full time I am excited about the new horizons this time and energy will provide me with . This is my new website out today with the help the amazing Rasa Archarya and Sasha Simone. Thxs to them both for their hard work.

This Site should give a more comprehensive view of my offerings and workshops around the world. I am off to the Caribbean for some R & R, then to India to be with my teachers and then to play at the BaliSpiritFest at the end of March. I’m looking fwd to a sojourn into the world of Asia with lots of time to be with teachers, friends and music in these beautiful lands. This home page will have regular or semi regular blogs from me so feel free to check on back for updates  🙂

Wishing you all the sweet rebirth of spring!!

Much Love and Hari OM

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